Metos – we help professional kitchens succeed

 Durable, high-quality equipment solutions and services covering the entire life cycle of a professional kitchen. Whether it's a restaurant, cafe, staff restaurant kitchen, production kitchen or central kitchen – we help both small and large professional kitchens succeed.

Combine durable professional kitchen equipment and optimized professional kitchen processes into one efficient and sustainable whole. With our help, professional kitchens become a combination of efficiency and well-being, so that the working environment of kitchen professionals is a functional and pleasant to its users. 

Metos has been developing professional kitchens and their efficiency and helping professional kitchen users for a hundred years. The "Kitchen Intelligence" slogan associated with Metos' brand name tells about our goal to increase the performance of professional kitchens. We help our customers with our know-how throughout the life cycle of a professional kitchen or an individual piece of equipment. The purpose of all our activities is to help our customers succeed.


Order high-quality professional kitchen equipment quickly directly from our online store! You can find our selection, the newest products and current prices in the online store. Check out our affordable Outlet products as well.
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Our services support the efficient and sustainable operation of professional kitchens in all phases of its life cycle. A professional kitchen that functions efficiently, economically, safely and ecologically is our common goal.
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We will take care of your kitchen. Order maintenance by filling out the form or by calling the maintenance phones:
Stockholm +46 8-775 8598 
Göteborg +46 31-707 7510
Malmö +46 40-680 1531
Falun +46 8-775 8598 

Other areas +46 20-479 823
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Topics right now

Metos training service provides tools and new perspectives for professional kitchens

Ten suggestions for saving energy in professional kitchens

Periodic maintenance has an important goal: to ensure the continuity of a professional kitchen's operations

A modern professional kitchen is sustainable and flexible

Responsibility is a key part of our business strategy – we offer our customers high-quality, sustainable and life-cycle-encompassing products and services, which are supported by continuous development to achieve a more sustainable future. We develop our operations and our life-cycle services with the goal of making our own and our customers' environmental impacts as small as possible. The customer's needs are always the main focus of our service. Our brand includes the promise to support our customers in all phases of the kitchen's life cycle.

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Working at Metos

What is Metos like as an employer? We employ approximately 70 professionals in Sweden. Our employees describe what it's like to work at Metos.

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We offer our customers high-quality, sustainable products and services that cover the entire life cycle, supported by continuous development to achieve a more sustainable future.

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Local and international

We are both local and international. Our network of experts covers the country, and we can serve you locally.

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Services for the whole life cycle of a professional kitchen

We are your partner throughout the entire life cycle of your professional kitchen. A professional kitchen that functions efficiently, economically, safely and ecologically is our common goal. Our services are designed from this point of view. Our range of services covers the selection of equipment that is right for your kitchen, installation, user training, periodic maintenance and repair maintenance, and when the appliance reaches the end of its life cycle, its recycling. With our services, your professional kitchen runs smoothly, sustainably and reliably.
”We must help our customers beat the challenges posed by the environment.”
-  Ralf Salonen, VD 

 Metos web sales

In addition to the webshop, you can order individual products from our sales, where you will be served by our competent sales experts. Our sales helps with questions about the products, phone numbers from the link below and by e-mail at