Purees conveniently and quickly with a combi kettle

9/23/23 10:46 AM
Pureeing equipment for kettles

Purees conveniently in a combi kettle with a blender kit

With a long history dating back to 1922, Metos has extensive experience in manufacturing various mixing tools for cooking kettles, both in mass production and customized solutions. Food in the kettle has been mixed with a horizontal mixer, an overhead mixer attached to a planetary wheel like a stand mixer, an overhead shaft-driven mixer, and a bottom-driven mixer – as in current models. And let's not forget the still most common mixer, the manual stirring paddle, whose material has only changed from wood to vinyl.

Our current combi kettles can knead dough, whip cream, and everything in between. Heavy mixing tasks are now almost completely automated except for puree making, which is often perceived to be done mainly in cutters or by stirring manually with a hand blender in the cooking phase in the kettle. Crushing smaller amounts with a hand blender on the stove in a kettle is easier, but hanging a large hand blender over the cooking kettle is ergonomically challenging and requires strength. The basis of our development work has still been the elimination of unnecessary transfers between devices and heavy work steps as has happened with combi kettles.

Pureeing equipment for kettles

Our chefs have developed blender kit for our 40-100 liter combi kettles, which eliminates almost all heavy manual work from the process and can shorten production times by up to one-fifth of the original time. For example, making carrot puree soup can start by pouring and cooking whole carrots in the kettle. While the carrots are cooking, the lid of the combi kettle is replaced with a pureeing lid and the hand blender is attached to the holder on the lid. The purees are ready in record time and the pureeing result is excellent.

Metos blender kit is available for Viking and Proveno combi kettles in sizes ranging from 40 to 100 liters. Prices can be found on our webshop. The blender kit can also be retrofitted to these combi kettles. For more information, ask your local dealer, our trainers, or our Metos sales team.


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